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Jenny Truong LMFT我說廣東話 (Wǒ shuō guǎngdōng huà)

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Location: Telehealth | Fullerton | Huntington Beach

Jenny Truong LMFT #126422

I picture life like a puzzle, where individual pieces of this puzzle are meant to fit together to create something bigger, something more meaningful and complete to each individual. Sometimes those pieces are hard to find as frustration, feelings of uneasiness, and issues may arise. When that happens, we get stuck and the puzzle becomes incomplete. The missing parts or holes in the puzzle distract us from finding the pieces that are meant to connect and complete this puzzle. I want to come in and help guide you to find those pieces that are meant to come together. To collaborate and offer myself as an authentic individual, and to support and celebrate the small victories when those pieces fit perfectly together, making life more meaningful and valuable to live.

My approach is geared towards a client-centered/humanistic approach.  As a non-directive, non-judgmental, and present other, my goal is to help individuals become aware of the present moment and allow them to accept and value themselves.

I am passionate about working with children, adolescents, and families, especially those who have children with special needs that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Allow me to help you “celebrate everyday moments”, as “Happiness never decreases by being shared”.

Contact Jenny –
(714) 202-7067

Investment Per Session
50 minutes $175 | Sliding Scale Available
Private Pay Only [Cash| Credit Card | Check]
Superbill Provided Upon Request

Office Location:
Telehealth | Fullerton | Huntington Beach