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Andrew Gonzalez LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Clinical Director

Location: Telehealth | Murrieta | Nevada  

We walk through life with all the aspirations and hope of what we want to achieve. As we walk down this path, we are faced with many kinds of obstacles that make themselves known only after we least expect them. This can dim out internal light, and create a wave of sadness, anger, fear/anxiety, trauma, and depression. I want to be present to help you battle those emotions and create a new level of self that establishes freedom from those emotions. I approach each problem by helping each person develop an understanding of the problem, which will allow us to develop a solution that effects change and acceptance.

Taking the first step by calling a therapist can be a hard step to accomplish, but one of the most rewarding. As we progress through life we forget to breathe or even to stop and take in what is around us. I help providing a safe space, to allow you to express emotions that you might not be able to say to others in your life. During each session I will use various approaches to help manage the thoughts/feelings that are present in the current situation. Creating a balance in life is vital to your overall well-being.

I would be honored to be part of your life story by helping you establish a healthy and mindful approach to life. You deserve to live life as your best self, let’s take that journey together.

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Investment Per Session
50 minutes $180 | Sliding Scale Available
Private Pay Only [Cash| Credit Card | Check]
Superbill Provided Upon Request

Office Location:
Telehealth | Murrieta | Nevada