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Healing Need Not Happen Alone

When our emotional experience is directly impacted by painful events and circumstances, emotional healing is important. Healing is a process and looks different from one person to the next, from one moment to the next, and is influenced by many factors. One fact that remains constant, regardless of the circumstances, is that healing is much more difficult when we are alone.

Migraines are unfortunately common in our family. They are truly traumatic, with severity, impact on functioning, and so often feeling alone in the pain. We however were fortunate. Our cat Sasha, the healer, would intervene whenever my wife was experiencing a migraine. She would sense the migraine coming before we did. She gently wrap her body around my wife’s entire head. It was a preparation of sorts and a gentle message that she was cared for. From the onset, through the event, she would sleep soundly by my wife’s side through the morning. She was not alone in the pain.

You do not have to experience pain and suffering alone. The process of healing, right from the start, can involve the support, guidance, and nurturing that comes from others. This can include a friend, a family member, a community, and a professional trained in one of many healing arts that exist. The question is, for you, right now, is healing needed? If so, where do you turn for this support? If you are in a place where this is needed, we are here to help. Please reach out and let us see how your healing journey can begin with us by your side.