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About us

When you experience the greatest pain is often when you are most alone. No matter what problems or painful experiences have brought you here, these are the most difficult to handle in isolation. Seeking help and support takes courage and it is good that you are here.


At Strength and Healing Counseling we believe that true healing can not be experienced alone. Through care for our emotional and spiritual health, and meaningful relationships, we can begin to experience true wholeness. Suffering is part of the human condition, and yet it is not what we have been created for. Hopelessness, shame, and despair can be transformed into something much greater. Happiness and joy are not just ideas, but things that can truly be accessed when we come to a place of safety and trust.
Healing is a process that takes time, vulnerability, and an openness to possibility. Each person’s own journey has a spiritual aspect that can be brought to awareness. Our own part in what it means to be created, to experience suffering, and to experience grace must be validated. Beginning the journey of healing and growth takes courage.
We are not alone, although we may feel alone and isolated. We do share problems, pains, traumas, stress, and so often hopelessness that can be overwhelming. Sadness often remains, even when grief is healed. Joy can seem far removed, even when we begin to experience light in dark places. These are things all of humanity has in common. Discovery that we are not alone can bring true healing, strength, and wholeness.


Brant has a natural ability to connect and understand. His personal experiences inform his ability to relate to those who are needing to heal from trauma. As a small child he was greatly misunderstood by his teachers and peers. He was often left alone for extended periods of time. He filled in gaps with time at the piano, writing, and simply observing others. Healing began as he found more and more people who could understand, offer support, and see the gifts he had been given. Most everything he does relates to connection, creativity, compassion, and healing. You have things that make you unique, important, and worthy. You deserve to feel connected and to experience healing where that is needed. With Brant this can be found in ways that simply do not require words. The beauty of EMDR therapy with Brant, is that trauma can be processed without needing to talk about the event or source. This is where healing comes as a natural gift we all deserve.
Some unique facts about Brant: He is a concert pianist specializing in the romantic works of Chopin. He has ridden his unicycle across that state of Minnesota (in 5 days!). He is a father (and a son.) He struggles with imposter syndrome. He is currently preparing for his first pilgrimage journey on El Camino de SanTiago. His African Grey parrot is often in his therapy office during sessions. And, perhaps most importantly, he loves helping others discover what makes them unique, important, and connected.